Business Services

Sweep Account

Put your idle funds to work with a business Sweep Account. This service sweeps funds into an interest-bearing account, so you can maximize returns. Track accounting with a free monthly statement that lets you see how much interest you are earning. 

How does it work?
Any time your balance goes over a pre-determined amount, that night we will automatically transfer the difference to your linked Consumers repurchase investment account. There it earns interest until you need it again. When your balance drops below that amount, we'll transfer it back. Maximum returns without having to think twice!

  • Maximize returns
  • Invest excess balances more efficiently
  • Earn variable rate of interest
    • Interest calculated daily, compounded and paid monthly
  • Free monthly statement
  • Daily balance and collateral notice provided
  • Automatic electronic transfers to checking account
  • Better management of operating cash
    • Determined by checking analysis
  • Subject to contract agreement
  • Accounts closed within 90 days of opening charged a $15 fee
  • Accounts closed before end of statement period forfeit interest
  • Must be cleared by OFAC and ChexSystems
  • Valid ID and Tax ID presentment required


Not FDIC Insured Not Bank Guaranteed May Lose Value
Not a Bank Deposit Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency

Ensure that your business checking account balance doesn't fall lower than you'd like. Keep yourself covered with a Sweep Account Line of Credit.

Just let us know the minimum acceptable balance for your checking account. If it dips below that, we'll automatically send funds from a line of credit to cover the difference. It's cash flow at the ready! Ask us about our competitive rates today.

  • Ensure that your business checking account remains at your target balance
  • Automatically send funds to bump up your balance if it ever dips below your target
  • More funds become available for use as you pay your balance down
  • Competitive rates on the cash your business needs to stay competitive

FDIC Insured