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Business Bill Pay

If you want to enjoy business ownership, you can’t get tangled up focusing on cash management. Let us help take care of your payroll files, bill pay, ACH files, wire transfers and other business finances with our Business Bill Pay services!

Try out our impressive Business Bill Pay dashboard for yourself with an interactive demonstration.

*Business Bill Pay requires Cash Management services enrollment.

Have questions or need help getting started? Contact one of our Business Bill Pay and Cash Management experts below:

Debbie Miller, VP Commercial Deposit Specialist
Cell: 330-892-9267
E-mail: dmiller@consumersbank.com 

Kennie Baker, Commercial Deposit Specialist
Cell: 234-386-1414
E-mail: kbaker@consumersbank.com

Josh Ondo, Cash Management Assistant
Cell: 330-705-6188
Email: jondo@consumersbank.com