Online Banking Customers,

There are a few things we’d like to share with you:


Please refer to these guides based on your operating system and which version of QuickBooks/Quicken you are using. Please note that you have changes that must be made prior to July 18th.


Effective July 23, there will be a few setup steps you will need to complete in order to login to your online banking for the first time.

  1. Browse to the bank’s homepage at www.consumersbank.com.
  1. Find the login section under the gold Online Banking Login button.
  1. Use your existing username.
  1. For your Password; we will assign you a temporary password that you will be prompted to reset. The temporary password will be your username plus last four digits of your Social Security Number  Example: If your username is jdoe and your Social Security Number is XXX-XX-1234, then your temporary password will be jdoe1234.
  1. The system will then walk you through an initial registration process. You will setup a new password, 3 new security questions with answers and finish with getting logged in for the first time.
  1. If we do not currently have an email address for you on file, the system will prompt you to enter a valid email address at this time. Your email address may be used for password resets, account alerts and secure communication with the bank.

Again, Consumers National Bank is proud to offer a new and exciting change in our Online Banking service. The new service will be available on July 23, 2019. Thank you for your business and support during this change. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOG IN USING THESE CREDENTIALS UNTIL JULY 23RD.