Internet Banking Help

Account Lockouts

All locked out users will remain locked out for approximately 5 hours. Please call the bank for immediate assistance at 330-868-7701 or attempt to log in after that period has expired in the event the bank is closed.

Internet Browser Requirements

As with most online applications, browser support and integration is critical to providing the best user experience. We work hard to make sure that the most popular browsers present CNB Online Banking information properly and securely.

We require browsers to handle:

  • 128-bit SSL Session Encryption and accept web certificates;
  • Secure communication with web site certificates.

You may "test" your browsers ability to meet these requirement at

Your browser should also be able to handle and save "cookies." While it is not a requirement, the authentication routine used by CNB to ensure we are only allowing access to the correct account owners uses cookies to register your browser and display our Phishing Phrase. If you clean, delete or disallow a "cookie" you will still be able to access your internet banking account but it will require an additional password step each time you login as opposed to only the first time. Deletion of cookies will also cause your Phishing Phrase to be deleted.

Supported Client Operating Systems

Windows PCs

  • Microsoft® Windows 98 (Although supported, this browser is not recommended)
  • Microsoft® Windows ME
  • Microsoft® Windows 2000
  • Microsoft® Windows XP

Microsoft Vista is on the Q/A schedule; however we will not confirm usability until after testing with the final release that is sent out with new consumer systems (which hasn't occurred yet).

Apple or Mac Computers

  • Mac OS-X

Supported Browsers by Operating System (minimum versions)

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems:

Mac (Apple) Operating Systems: