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Jun. 30, 2012
Sep. 30, 2012
Other Than Temporary Available For Sale Securities Evaluation Methodology   In determining OTTI under the ASC Topic 320 model, management considers many factors, including: (1) the length of time and the extent to which the fair value has been less than cost, (2) the financial condition and near-term prospects of the issuer, (3) whether the market decline was affected by macroeconomic conditions, and (4) whether the entity has the intent to sell the debt security or more likely than not will be required to sell the debt security before its anticipated recovery. The assessment of whether an other-than-temporary decline exists involves a high degree of subjectivity and judgment and is based on the information available to management at a point in time.
Available for sale securities, Amortized Cost $ 102,906 $ 102,565
Securities available-for-sale 105,335 105,662
Accumulated Other-Than-Temporary Impairment [Member]
Impairment loss on securities 780 780
Trust Preferred Securities Subject To Mandatory Redemption [Member]
Available for sale securities, Amortized Cost   202
Securities available-for-sale   $ 74