In Thousands, unless otherwise specified
12 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2012
Jun. 30, 2011
Regulatory Cash Reserve $ 3,991 $ 3,075
Bank Owned Life Insurance 12,044 11,944
Terms Of Credit Approval For Residential Real Estate Loans Credit approval for residential real estate loans requires demonstration of sufficient income to repay the principal and interest and the real estate taxes and insurance, stability of employment, an established credit record and an appropriately appraised value of the real estate securing the loan that generally requires that the residential real estate loan amount be no more than 80% of the purchase price or the appraised value of the real estate securing the loan.  
Income Tax Examination, Description A tax position is recognized as a benefit only if it is more likely than not the position would be sustained in a tax examination, with a tax examination being presumed to occur. The amount recognized is the largest amount of tax benefit greater than 50% likely of being realized on examination.  
Cash surrender value of life insurance 5,605 5,411
Bank owned life insurance income 194 182
Amount Available for Dividend Distribution without Prior Approval from Regulatory Agency $ 4,107