Yearly Magnified Employee

Magnified Employees represent the best Consumers National Bank has to offer. They are employees who go the extra mile for their customers, community members, and fellow employees to make Consumers special. They yearly magnified employee is different in that they were chosen from all the quarterly winners as an employee or in this case employees who have truly defined what it is that Consumers National Bank stands for.

The 2013 annual award is actually being awarded to two people, Susan Rutledge and Natalie Witts. Susan who has been with the bank for 20 years and Natalie who has been with the bank for 13 years are two tellers from our Carrollton office who go the extra mile on a regular basis. Both are lifelong residents of Carrollton and are committed to the communities that they serve. Their longevity in their positions proves they are dedicated to the Consumers mission: To Make a Difference.

As award winners, Susan and Natalie will receive a financial reward; lunch with her supervisor, Bev Newell; some bonus Paid Time Off; a recognition plaque; marketing items; special parking; a yearlong stay on our website and other recognition. Congratulations to Susan and Natalie and thank you for providing superior customer service during all your years with the bank. Providing such an excellent example to other employees helps to personify the Consumers National Bank mission, which is To Make a Difference.

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