Our History

Consumers National Bank--A Brief History

A dedicated group of businessmen from Minerva, Ohio, worked tirelessly to realize their dream of an independent, community-focused bank. On August 30, 1965, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency granted a charter to Minerva National Bank. With five employees and assets of $300,000, the bank's first branch and corporate offices were opened in Minerva on September 7, 1965.

As the bank grew and looked toward expansion, Minerva National Bank became Consumers National Bank in April of 1975. In July of that same year, a second branch office was opened in Salem, Ohio and in September, Romain "Bud" Fry became the President and Chairman of the Board.

In the following years, Consumers would open 10 more offices in the neighboring communities of Waynesburg, Hanoverton, Carrollton, Alliance, Lisbon, Louisville, East Canton, Malvern, Hartville and Jackson-Belden--our latest office which opened in 2012.

On October 17, 1994, the shareholders of Consumers National Bank approved the formation of a bank holding company to be known as Consumers Bancorp, Inc. Steady growth continued, reaching $100 million in assets in August of 1995. The Board of Directors elected Laurie L. McClellan as Chairman of the Board in 1998. Ralph J. Lober II was named President & CEO of Consumers Bancorp, Inc. and Consumers National Bank on September 19, 2008.

As Consumers has grown over the years, we have not strayed from our roots. The mission today is consistent with the dream of our founders--to provide community-based banking services that make a difference in the communities we serve.