Magnified Employee

Magnified Employees represent the best Consumers National Bank has to offer. They are employees who go the extra mile for their customers, community members, and fellow employees to make Consumers special. Based on the 16 nominations, these exceptional employees are liberally dispersed throughout the Bank. Their efforts are magnified in a small environment where every action has a significant impact on the whole.

The second quarter winner is Ashley Knoch, a teller from our Minerva Office. Ashley, a lifelong Minerva resident, has been with the bank for just over 2 years .In that short time she has made a large impact with the customers and community in Minerva. Ashley splits her time between taking care of a 3 year old and working yet, still manages to come in and make a difference to each and every client that she works with.

As a quarterly winner, Ashley will receive a financial reward; lunch with her Branch Manager, Theresa Linder; some bonus Paid Time Off; a recognition plaque; marketing items; special parking; and other recognition. Congratulations to Ashley and thank you for providing superior customer service. Employees like this help to personify the Consumers National Bank mission, which is: To Make a Difference.

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